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Accept Cryptocurrency for Online Payments

Pay in Credits and get 10% Discounts. Check below how it works:

How to get credits:

  • To get Credits you have to buy our Cryptocurrency token TARMĀ  which is listed on Vindax Exchange with USDT, ETH and BTC pairs and on to get more details about our token you can visit our project website or you can join our project telegram group here
  • After purchasing TARM tokens you have to send tokens to our official address (0x479e6472a7e752a968974c91ae7fb0d59ce2b122) and then you have to fill your trx id of payment and other details in above form.
  • 1 credits will be equal to 1$. For example if you buy 0.9$ worth of TARM token then you will receive 1 credit. Use this converter to get correct value of tarm.
  • Condition: we have minimum 5$ gig price so you have to purchase minimum 5 credits ( 5$ ) means you have to buy minimum 4.5$ worth of tarm tokens to get 5 Credits.