Premium Package offers 15-20 Pages, Standard Package offers 5-12 Pages, Basic Package offers 3-5 Pages 

White papers are an informative and powerful marketing tool for any company who sells to other businesses. White papers inspire trust in your brand and give your company an authoritative voice in the market segment you serve. I conduct extensive research on each topic that I write about and offer rounds of revision to make sure that your paper is both well written and accurate. The research that I conduct allows me to provide compelling statistics and data to help inspire your customers and clients to take immediate action.  

I hold extensive experience in the Blockchain industry, with projects involving ICO White papers, IEO White papers, STO White papers, IEO Content and STO Content (security token offering). I offer research, writing and design services in Initial Coin Offering (ICO) white papers, and crypto coin development. Based on extensive experience, I provide a full service, from discussing your goals, creating the outline and writing the contents of the white paper. I ensure that ICO white papers have the necessary sections that should be standard in any white paper such as Problem, Solution & Product, Token Implementation (how the token works with the product, economics and technical), Team, Roadmap, Token Deployment & Plan.

The core job is for a compelling text based paper, however I offer an add on feature for the creation of graphs or charts that help to convey the data in the white paper. Additionally I can create a visually exciting white paper layout for you. You will find these add on’s in the gig extras at checkout. 

If you are unsure if you need a white paper or some other form of marketing, please contact me before purchasing the gig.