I’ll design a brand new logo that perfectly represents your company and is tailored to your brand’s current needs. This logo will always work in color or in black & white and at any size small or large. I can also provide multiple versions of the logo to fit into different orientations.

Project Steps

  • 1
    Initial sketches

    I will provide 3-5 different concepts for your logo that will be in black & white, and from there we will narrow down to a single concept with edits before finalizing the b&w logo.

  • 2
    Finalize B&W logo

    At this stage you will have the final black & white versions of your logo. This will include variations of the logo that you may need or want for different orientations.

  • 3
    Create a color scheme

    This is where we decide what colors best fit your brand based on what the type of company you have as well as the aesthetic of the logo. I can provide 2 schemes to start with but if you already have colors in mind, that’s even better!

  • 4
    Final Logo & File Transfer

    Once the color scheme is chosen, your logo is finished. I can provide you with different file types as well as sizes based on your needs.