Created to help you get the opportunity you’re looking for, within future changing blockchain industry. I believe web3 will be a game changer in terms of finance as well as authentication process in our lifes. It already makes plenty of us benefit out of it, be able to make fast transactions, staking or trading cryptocurrencies. There is a long way to establish extra secure protocols, decentralised rules, this is why we need to go through many, many failures, until achieving a stable electronic financial infrastracture. This system needs people like you, opportunity creators, as well as opportunity hunters, so it can become well established.


  • 11/2022 – Start it simple, plan it well
  • Web3 task payment system
  • Task validation system
  • Cryptolancers profile board
    • Tasks as NFTs
    • Considering cryptolance token
  • Move system fully to the blockchain
    • Media/Text storage

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